Traffic Attorneys Seattle WA & Tacoma Wa

Traffic attorneys or traffic lawyers are essential for beating or expunging (removing) traffic violations from your permanent record which keeps your costs of insurance as low as possible. In many cases, we can remove old traffic citations from your permanent record. If we can’t, we will argue for reduced driving record retention.

We will fight to protect your driver’s license and reduce your charges or have them thrown out of court completely if possible.

First Speeding Ticket Washington State

Many people want to know if we can get their first speeding ticket in Washington State dismissed or thrown out of court. The short answer is, in most cases, yes. However there are some circumstances where this is not likely to happen.

To start, every judge is different. And everything from how you dress to whether or not his wife got up to make him breakfast can affect your case. Getting in front of the right judge is probably one of the biggest obstacles.

Your first speeding ticket Washington State is likely to be dismissed as long as you have a lawyer, you didn’t kill anyone, you didn’t run from the police, and you didn’t cause any significant property damage. If you DID do any of the preceding things, you definitely need a traffic ticket attorney!

Traffic Lawyers Near Me

If you searched for “traffic lawyer near me” then you probably have previous unpaid fines, warrants, or committed a serious violation that resulted in more than one traffic ticket. If that describes your situation just know that we don’t judge you, we are here to DEFEND YOU.

Although we have very competitive rates, this is not the time to shop for the cheapest rate. Your driver’s license and future insurance rates depend heavily on how your case is handled. An unfavorable verdict against you could cause you to lose your license and pay hundreds or thousands more per year in insurance.

When shopping for traffic lawyer near me, make sure the law firm has established a winning record for traffic law and traffic violation defense.