Seattle Traffic Lawyer: Ticket & Infraction Defense Counsel

We’ve defended thousands of motorists in areas like Seattle in speeding and traffic ticket cases. If you’re in an area like Seattle with a speeding and traffic ticket, get in touch with our lawyers! We’re a Seattle, WA traffic tickets lawyer with 23 years experience in traffic tickets cases. As an experienced lawyer, my client’s metro Seattle & Tacoma traffic tickets are often dismissed!

You may ask, “How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located near me?” These are good questions! Our attorneys located in Seattle are client-focused and results-driven. Want to check lawyer discipline? It’s always a good idea to research your lawyer!

Mr. Lawson is a second generation lawyer. Having grown up in Seattle, he understands Seattle is the fastest-growing large city in Washington needing traffic lawyers. He’ll help even if you have no where to turn. He’s also a passionate trial lawyer who will advocate for you!

Some things you should ask is, “Does the lawyer seem interested in solving my case? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of my case?” This can decide whether a traffic lawyer is worth it or if you’ll get an infraction that Seattle charges for. We all know sitting in traffic in the city of Seattle is common, and this leads to traffic tickets. If you have the experience of Washington I-405 traffic, you’ll know what I mean!

Traffic Ticket? Put the Legal Experience of Metro Seattle and Tacoma In Charge!

Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer help motorists in traffic ticket cases? This is what you need to ask if you’re considering a Seattle traffic lawer.

You may need legal assistance when receiving a ticket while on vacation to Seattle. Having gone to the criminal and DUI Seattle University School of Law, Michael has helped much of Seattle’s population. But not limited to Seattle! His traffic defense attorneys and lawyers who chose to also have worked in Tacoma.

A traffic ticket attorney can get tickets dropped, and a lawyer with an established track record like Michael Lawson is the one to call. If you’ve wondered, “Has the lawyer worked on other cases like mine? How do i choose a lawyer?” Consider calling (253) 448-3043 today! Our Seattle speeding ticket lawyer knows what to do in reducing or eliminating your metro Seattle or Tacoma speeding ticket with specific steps. We’re the dependable Seattle traffic lawyer. Schedule a free consultation when you call.